SendinBlue: Email Marketing Software Review

Anyone who spent some time in marketing knows how important a good marketing tool is. One of these tools is Sendinblue and we'll review it in this article.

What is Sendinblue? It is a marketing tool that will help you attract & retain customers to your website. This tool includes awesome features such as E-mail marketing, SMS marketing, landing pages, retargeting, CRM, etc.

Sendinblue Overview

Sendinblue is surely one of the best email marketing tools out there. When compared to most competitors, it has a pretty low price compared to what you are getting. It is successfully integrated with a lot of different plugins and platforms.

Some of those plugins are WordPress, Elementor, Shopify, WooCommerce, Outlook, PayPal, and many more.

If you have a lot of customers and want to provide the best service, you should definitely consider Sendinblue. There are no hidden fees, it is easy to set up and you may handle all types of emails, whether they are receipts or newsletter. There are both free and paid versions, so if you decide only to try it out, it's easy to do so.

When was Sendinblue founded?

Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma founded Sendinblue in 2007. Today a little over 175,000 companies use it and it is one of the leading software/tools of its type.

What is the service for?

The main goal behind SendInblue is to help you attract and retain customers. That's possible through a variety of tools that are simple to use and are very useful. It can be used by both small and big organizations.

Why was Sendinblue made?

According to the founders, Sendinblue was made after they have seen the need for such a tool. Previously, they were running a digital agency and noticed that only large corporations have access to such tools. It was at this moment, that they decided to create Sendinblue, a marketing tool accessible to everyone and affordable by everyone.

What is the main idea behind Sendinblue?

The main idea is to provide the best service to your customers. It doesn't matter if you need to send messages (SMS included), check on your Email campaigns or improve the relationship with your customers, Sendinblue got you covered. If you know what a swiss army knife is, well this is the swiss army knife of marketing tools.

With some help from this tool, your Email list will grow big and so will your reach. More reach equals more potential customers.


There are so many features that it is very hard to write about the "most important ones". Therefore, the key features really depend on what your goal is.

If your goal is to create landing pages, there is a great feature made specifically for it. You can add your custom designed landing pages, and they come with a lot of different templates as well. You can suit the landing pages to your goals, for example, encourage customers to make a purchase with a tailored CTA (Cost-To-Action).

One of the great features that even some big brand marketing tools lack is SMS marketing. With SMS marketing, you'll be able to connect with your customers by sending them a direct message on their phone. You can also create personalized messages, so the customer will feel special and it may turn him into a loyal one.

Each of the features has great real-time statistics, as well as statistics based on a given date range. One key "feature" that separates Sendinblue from many other competitors is the unlimited contact list. This feature allows you to create big, advanced lists that have a higher chance of converting. Every serious marketer knows how important contact lists are, so this feature is awesome because you don't have to pay any extra money for new contact information. Do you want to hear a crazy thing? Even those customers with a free plan can have unlimited contacts information stored.

Key features:

E-mail marketing - You can use this feature to create a professional-looking email within minutes. There are a bunch of templates to choose from, or if you are creative, you can make them by yourself. Drag & Drop is also available to make the process even faster and easier.
This feature lets you use the contact's first (or last) name to create a personalized message that will add a touch of magic. Those messages are always different from standard copy-paste ones, and customers always notice that. You can group the contacts however you decide and it is also possible to segment them based on similar criteria such as gender, demographics, purchase history, etc.

CRM - Very important aspect of each organization is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It contains all the information about your customer in one, easily accessible place. You don't have to install any additional software, simply upload the content information and manage them. You can store any type of information about the customers such as Name, Phone number, E-mail, Previous orders, Notes, Important documents, etc. This is a very important feature if you want to give a premium service to your customers and to ensure they are satisfied.

Contact Segmentation - Easiest way to explain this feature is through Facebook ADS. If you were ever running Facebook ADS, then you know it's possible to target a specific audience based on their age, gender, location, interests, etc. This feature will enable you to do the exact same thing, but with contacts instead. You can target customers based on their interests. Because of this awesome feature, your e-mails will be more relevant to the customer and you'll have better conversion rates. Segmentation can be based on a lot of different information such as customer's previous purchases, demographics, interests, etc.

Pros And Cons

As with every tool, Sendinblue also has pros and cons, and we will display some of them. Please keep in mind that some of these can be subjective.


  • There are a bunch of email templates to choose from, so you don't have to waste time to design one.
  • It is very easy to design emails.
  • Great statistics such as how many people open the emails, or how many unsubscribe. These will allow you to change your marketing strategy.
  • API is well documented, so you can implement Sendinblue pretty fast.
  • It has affordable pricing, most smaller companies can start with the free plan and upgrade when necessary.
  • You can send a bunch of emails on the "free" version.
  • Lists can be used in different campaigns.
  • Drag & Drop designer is very simple to use.


  • Customer support is a bit slow.
  • Tutorials should cover more information such as how to use the analytics tool.
  • The automation system feels a bit "clunky".
  • No direct Social Media integration

By analyzing all the pros and cons, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. This is not a surprise as we had a great experience with Sendinblue as well. Most of the "cons" are easily fixable and we believe this tool will only get better in the future.

Sendinblue vs. Competition

Sendinblue vs. MailChimp

One of the main competitors of Sendinblue is MailChimp. How do they differ from each other? Let's find out.

The number of customers - MailChimp is a strong winner here with over 20 million customers while Sendinblue has a bit over 175,000. That being said, MailChimp is one of the pioneers of email marketing companies. They were founded 6 years earlier than Sendinblue.

Pricing - Both SendinBlue and MailChimp have a free version. Sendinblue is a small winner here as it allows an unlimited number of contacts, while Mailchimp will let you have a maximum of 2,000 contacts.
As you can see in the picture below, Sendinblue is also more affordable than MailChimp. One important difference in the pricing of Sendinblue vs. Mailchimp is that you'll only pay what you send with Sendinblue, while MailChimp charges more depending on how many contacts you have.

Ease of use - We'd say this one is a tie. Both Sendinblue and MailChimp have awesome easy-to-use editors. It is easy to navigate through the whole editor and if you miss a step when you create a campaign, a reminder will pop up.
Sendinblue has an awesome drag & drop editor that features different pre-set options and you can also undo changes that you don't like.

List management - One very important feature for all of the marketers out there. Sendinblue is a big-time winner at this one. With MailChimp, you cannot include contacts on different lists in the same campaigns. This is very annoying and if you have the same contact on two different lists, you'll be paying double for him since MailChimp charges per subscriber.
Sendinblue lists are very simple and you can use them over multiple campaigns. It's also possible to automate the process so that users will be added to specific lists once they sign up.

Sendinblue review

Sendinblue vs ActiveCampaign

Another competitor worth mentioning is ActiveCampaign with over 130,000 customers on board.

Free version - ActiveCampaign does not have a free version for its software, only a 14-day trial. On the other hand, Sendinblue has a free plan that's actually more than enough for smaller business when they start out.

Refund policy - Another problem with ActiveCampaign is that it does not provide partial or full refunds. Sendinblue has several different refund policies, including those when a customer decides to upgrade or downgrade a plan.

Integration - Both tools have over 1000 different integrations, so it's a tie in this one.

Pricing - Sendinblue beats ActiveCampaign in all plans, and if we compare the cost to send a monthly newsletter to 100,000 contacts, the difference is drastic. Sendinblue charges such activity $99, while ActiveCampaign charges $505. You can also see the pricing comparison in the picture down below.

Setup fee - Both tools are free to set up, there are no hidden fees.

Ease of use - Generally, both tools are easy to use, however, customers on both sides complain about the lack of quality tutorials.

Training - ActiveCampaign provides In-person, Live online, Webinars and has pretty good documentation. Sendinblue doesn't have any of those except good documentation.

Features - Both tools have almost the same features, however, Sendinblue lacks options such as Event management, Invoice creation and Bulk social media posting.

Mobile app - ActiveCampaign has both an iOS and Android application, while Sendinblue doesn't have one.

We'd conclude that this is a close one. ActiveCampaign may have a bit more features compared to Sendinblue, but it still costs much more as well. Also, this price difference increases drastically when you have a lot of contacts as you can see in the picture below.

Sendinblue marketing review


Can I use Sendinblue with my eCommerce site?

Yes! You can integrate it within a few clicks. You can store customers information and let them know when you have a new offer.

How many Sendinblue templates are there?

Even with a free account, you will have access to more than 60 fully responsive email templates.

Is there a free version of Sendinblue?

Yes! There is both a free and paid version of Sendinblue.

Can I integrate Sendinblue with WordPress?

Sendinblue can be integrated with a lot of different CMS, plugins and more!

Can we notify customers via SMS?

Sendinblue features Transactional SMS which will allow you to notify customers about anything.

Are there any landing pages?

Sendinblue lets you build an awesome custom landing page so you can target visitors easily.

Is there a SendInblue API?

Yes, API gives developers access to all of the SendInblue features via an interface.

Can we communicate with customers in real-time?

Of course, there is a feature called Chat so you can answer your customer's questions while they navigate your website.

What is the daily email sending limit?

With the Free version, it is 9,000/month or 300/day.  On the other hand, there are no daily sending limits for paid plans.

Can we customize email signup forms?

Customizing email signup forms is really simple. You can build great signup forms by using a drag & drop form builder which will make your website look professional and in addition, boost your conversion rate.

How to segment customers in Sendinblue?

You should segment customers based on 4 types: Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioral, Geographic. Also, Sendinblue wrote an awesome blog article about it.

How to use the CRM feature?

Using CRM was never simpler, just add all the information about the contact and you'll have it within your hand.


GreenGeeks Hosting Review: Is It As Good For You As It Is For The Environment?

With nearly 4.66 billion internet users today, the number of websites is increasing at an alarming rate. There are well over 1 billion websites right at this moment, and each single one of them needs its own space within the web. In order to provide that space for your website, you need what we call ‘Website Hosting’. Since websites are actually just large amounts of files piled up together, they need to be stored somewhere. Web hosting companies rent out servers that you can store all the files of your website on.

Servers are computers that have to stay connected to the internet 24/7 in order for the data to be available at all times.  The data centers for those websites are specifically made to keep the servers online all the time. As you can imagine, these data centers require a massive amount of electricity, typically coming from non renewable energy sources like fossil fuel. The increasing amount of websites is turning website hosting into one of the major causes of global carbon emissions. The ultimate solution for that issue is Green Hosting, i.e. web hosting companies that are completely eco-friendly, using renewable energy sources to operate their servers. GreenkGees is one of the best known green hosting companies currently.

GreenGeeks: The Company

GreenGeeks is a 12-year-old green hosting company that provides ethical and affordable website hosting. It has over 600,000 websites hosted at the moment, not only does it provide high quality server hardware, it ensures that your website would not have any negative effects on the environment as they provide triple the amount of energy that your website consumes with wind power through BEF.

GreenGeeks started in 2008 and has been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency since 2009. They’re partnered with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation in Portland, Oregon (BEF). What this foundation does is that it purchases 3 times the amount of energy consumed by the company annually, then feeds it back into the grid. The company has a total of 5 data centers that you can choose from where your hosting account is provisioned whether from Phoenix, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, or Amsterdam. All centers provide the same benefits of security and speed, so you don’t have to worry about your choice.

Their data centers are built to be reliable and highly performing, equipped with numerous technologies that ensure that your data is 100% safe and secure all the time such as:

  • Raised floors and climate control systems with humidity and temperature sensors.
  •  UPS and generators.
  • Water detection systems.
  • Biometric and key-card security system
  •  certified SAS 70 type 1.
  •  FM 200 server-safe fire suppression system.
  • Battery backup with automated power switch, plus dual-city grid power feeds.
  •  24/7 staff of engineers and data center technicians that monitor them closely.

GreenGeeks Key Features

GreenGeeks is known for its top-notch security system and automated information backup that eliminates any chances of data loss. Even after a disaster, your data will be perfectly retrieved. A group of third party software provides proactive monitoring of all critical services that can identify problems and harmful attacks before they occur. All websites that are  hosted are backed up every night and several copies of them are maintained for extra security measures.

It’s completely normal to feel worried about your data being accessed by other accounts since data centers range from 50,000 servers and up to 80,000 servers each. However, GreenGeeks provides each user with their own Secured Virtualized File System to ensure that all accounts are protected from any malicious acts. In combination with their Linux Secure VFS they use account isolation by using a container based approach, each account is provided with it’s own computing resources, regardless of the computing resource demand. This eliminates any chance of collision between users.

They also utilize kernel level file tracking where systems can detect files that have changed and scans them for any signs of malware, these changes can be immediately isolated to prevent the spreading of malware.

When searching for a web hosting company, one of the first features you look for is speed, and GreenGeeks hosting is known to be one of the fastest web hosting companies. Their ultra optimized database and web servers provide impressively speedy data reading and writing, 50 times faster than the regular!

Your website’s database and files are stored on SSD hard drives arranged in a RAID-10 storage array. GreenGeeks hosting also uses LiteSpeed’s caching technology that provides light speed for your favorite applications. Their CloudFare powered CDN allows you to cache content and serve it based on the location of your visitor for faster serving.

GreenGeeks provides the fastest in-browser load times and the fastest PHP execution times as they are one of the very first website hosting companies to use PHP 7 which is now enabled on all their servers. So when it comes to security and speed GreenGeeks hosting is one of the companies that should be at the top of your list.

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Types

GreenGeeks hosting provides 3 web hosting plans depending on the nature and size of your website, all having a 300% Green Energy match:

Lite (standard performance): You may want to invest in their Lite web hosting if you’re looking for a host for a small website or a blog that’s just getting started. You can use it for 1 website with unlimited web space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and unmetered data transfer. It includes a free SSL certificate,free domain name for your first year, free night backup and CDN, plus wordplus installer/updates and LS cache.

Price: special price of $2.95/mo with $9.95/mo being the regular price.

 (30-day money-back guarantee)

Pro (2x performance): Pro is a great choice for growing websites that require more speed and resources. You can use it for unlimited websites with unlimited web space,unlimited  email accounts, unlimited databases and unmetered data transfer. It includes a free SSL certificate, free domain name for your first year, free night backup, free CDN, plus wordplus installer/updates and LS cache.

Price: special price of $9.95/mo with $14.95/mo being the regular price.

 (30-day money-back guarantee)

Premium (4x performance): premium is a plan for small businesses and it’s excellent for online shopping sites and busy websites in general.  It also provides unlimited websites with unlimited web space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases and unmetered data transfer. It includes a free SSL certificate, free domain name for your first year, free night backup, free CDN and free dedicated IP, plus wordplus installer/updates and LS cache.

Price: special price of $11.95/mo with $24.95/mo being the regular price.

 (30-day money-back guarantee)

GreenGeeks Support

GreenGeeks hosting provides 24/7 technical support which is incredibly helpful and ensures a high level of satisfaction as you will find immediate answers to any inquiries that you may have. They also have a wide collection of article categories that you can choose from including sales questions,  reseller hosting, general hosting, website tutorials, VPS hosting, etc…

 On the GreenGeeks website, you can find all the information you need about the website hosting process ranging from logging into the website, managing your GreenGeeks account, updating your credit card, installing your SSL certificate to your account and many more. In case your inquiry isn’t included in any of these categories you can easily get connected with a customer support agent in a matter of minutes at any

GreenGeeks Pros And Cons


The main advantage of choosing GreenGeeks hosting to host your website is that you wouldn’t be harming the environment in any way, their 300% renewable energy commitment makes it currently the cleanest Green hosting company in the market.

Their top-notch security system is unlike any other as they use advanced technologies to ensure the complete safety of your data from being lost or invaded by other accounts by taking numerous strict precautions like their secure VFS and their overnight back-up system.

The high-quality service and speed are surely what seals the deal. GreenGeeks is one of the fastest website hosting companies right now, their speed clocks around 445ms making it faster than the industry average. It also offers a lot of important features for free such as domain name, website migration and Content Delivery Network (CDN).


While the pros of GreenGeeks hosting surely outweigh the cons, there are some points that you must be aware of. While GreenGeeks offer a free domain name that would normally cost around $3.00-$9.99 per year, if you face a problem and demand a refund, the free domain charges would be deducted, which makes their refund policy not entirely credible.

Some other downsides of GreenGeeks is that they could be more pricey than other hosting providers and as you may have noticed they do not have any Asian or African data centers.


Thinking that a single website on the internet wouldn’t make any difference in the environment is an extremely unwanted mindset. Websites aren’t just images and videos that appear on your screen, they are a part of one of the environment's top polluters. Green hosting companies like GreenGeeks are slowly eliminating that issue by using clean energy resources while still maintaining the high quality and fast service. By investing in such companies you’re not only avoiding the misdeed of harming the environment, you’re actually helping it regain it’s balance!


Where is the location of the company?

While they have data centers in several locations such as Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Phoenix and Amsterdam, their  headquarters are actually located in Agoura Hills, California.

Why Green Hosting?

The internet is currently one of the main environmental polluters, the data centers that are basically the backbone of the internet require a massive amount of energy to operate 24/7 and even more energy to keep them from overheating. Green Hosting companies like GreenGeeks are the solution to this problem as they reduce carbon emissions by using clean and renewable energy sources such as wind-power to purchase the amount of energy used and feed it back into the grid.

Does GreenGeeks offer cloud hosting?

No, GreenGeeks does not offer cloud hosting. However, they have VPS plans that include virtual computers with dedicated resources.

What are the payment options that GreenGeeks accepts?

GreenGeeks accepts only major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal.

Can I reach customer support via phone?

Yes! Technical and sales support agents are available 24/7. They also provide a lot of online guides and tutorials on their website that you can navigate through yourself.

Does GreenGeeks offer VPS?

Yes! There are 3 VPS plans that you can purchase, they range from:

  • 4-6 virtual CPU cores.
  • 2-8 GB of RAM.
  • 50-150 GB of SSD Storage.
  • Bandwidth of 10 TB
  • Price: Ranges from $39.95 - $109.95 per month.

Does GreenGeeks host WordPress?

Yes! GreenGeeks hosts WordPress plus two other CMS’s, they are Joomla and Drupal. However, GreenGeeks is not one of WordPress’s official hosts.

Does GreenGeeks offer dedicated IP addresses?

Only the premium hosting plan offers a dedicated IP address for free. However, you can purchase it with any of the lower plans for additional charges.


IPVanish VPN Review

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns while surfing the web. Targeted advertising has been growing in the past few years due to Social Networks and how they use your information. Everything you search for, post on your profile or talk about impacts which ads you'll see.

One of the methods used to identify you is IP tracking which can be scarily accurate. If you feel like you could use some extra privacy and protection, IPVanish VPN could be your solution.

IPVanish Overview

There is an easy way to bypass data tracking and firewalls with a software called VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it acts as a mediator between you and the website you are trying to visit. VPN can also be used to access applications and game servers. IPVanish is primarily a VPN service, but it has a successful integration with SugarSync cloud as well.

The main goal behind IPVanish is to provide safe browsing for customers. With IPVanish VPN you'll be safe from threats such as Hackers, Government, even Firewalls that are preventing you from accessing content, and many more. Your data will be encrypted and it cannot be spoofed. This is super useful for those of you using public hotspot often.

If you are using public hotspots, you are an easy target for hackers. Hackers tend to act as a middleman between you and the access point. How does IPVanish work? Well, let's say it will create a barrier between you and the connection point while encrypting all your data. That prevents hackers from extracting sensitive data such as credit card information, e-mails, etc.

The main advantage of using such service is ease-of-use, relatively small cost and the protection you receive. In addition, IPVanish can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Fire TV. There is also something they refer to as "best-effort" support provided for older devices and manual installation. You can get that assistance through IPVanish customer support.


Founded in 2012 by Mudhook Media INC in Orlando, Florida. They have started with just 32 servers and a client for Windows OS. Through the years the client support was extended to macOS, iOS, Android, and Fire TV.

Approximately 90% POPs (Points of Presence) is owned by the company. On those locations, IPVanish is in the full control of data centres and other hardware. In places where it is not costly-effective to own their equipment, they lease it (Mostly third world countries and smaller countries such as Albania).

The company was sold to StackPath in 2017 and later StackPath sold it to J2 Global in 2019. IPVanish server list currently includes 1300 servers in 55+ locations around the world. Compared to the initial 32 servers, it's safe to say they came a long way and became a reputable company.

IPVanish review

Key Features

There are a bunch of features that IPVanish provides and we'll try to highlight the most important ones. For a more detailed overview of all the features, we suggest you take a look at the official website. As previously stated, the main goal behind IPVanish VPN is to protect your data and identity, so the first feature is "Stop GEO tracking".

Each time you connect to the internet, you get one IP Address assigned. That IP contains some data about you such as Country, ZIP Code, City, etc. This presents a problem if you want to remain anonymous when you use or visit certain websites. With IPVanish your real IP address will remain hidden from the public and you'll remain anonymous.

This will protect you from various search engines which are tracking your location and forcing targeted ads. It's as simple as selecting which server you want to connect on IPVanish.

Bypass VoIP Block

If you are anything like me, you use VoIP almost every day. It doesn't matter if you do it over Facebook, Skype, Viber or any other application. Certain countries such as China, Mexico, UAE, etc. often block access to VoIP applications. If you are visiting such a country or have relatives there, IPVanish can help.

With IPVanish VPN, you can successfully bypass the block of VoIP servers and applications. Other than hiding your information from the destination website and search engines, you also hide the data from your ISP. Sometimes, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will slow down your connection on certain applications if you use VoIP extensively.

This is possible because they see through your data and by slowing down your speed, they force you to upgrade on to a more expensive data plan. If you use a VPN such as IPVanish, you'll hide your data from your ISP and they won't be able to control the speed on specific applications.

Wanna hear the crazy bonus? You can save A BUNCH of money as well. Certain countries have much better deals, for example, the UK has a Skype deal which gives you 400 minutes for £6.00 per month. Well, what if you connect to the USA server? You get unlimited minutes towards mobile and landline for just $2.99 per month. Simply change the location and purchase in a different country to make crazy savings.

Security On-The-Go

Mobile phone usage is rising every day, and so do security concerns. With hundreds of public hotspots everywhere around us, how do you know which one is safe? You don't.

That's why IPVanish "Security On-The-Go" is an awesome feature for your smartphone. You will remain protected even when you do your daily commuting, eat at a restaurant or hang outside. The best thing about it? You become protected within seconds.

All it takes is a simple press of a button and you'll connect to a secure server. Your data will be protected because it goes through an encrypted "tunnel". Also, your physical location won't be visible since your real IP address will remain hidden.

Prevent your personal data from being sold

Each time you search for anything online, you create something that's called "packets of data". Your ISP can see everything that you search for, download, visit, etc. The scary part is that your ISP can sell your data.

That covers your personal information such as age, health information, shopping habits, web sites you mostly visit, videos you mostly watch, etc. The government can also be notified if you visit suspicious websites or search for strange terms. You might wonder, who would they sell it to? Well, most often the buyers are advertising companies.

Based on your preferences, they are able to target and spam you with promotions and offers. Data is one of the most valuable currencies of such companies. If you care about your privacy and personal data, it is important to protect it.

Your data is protected whenever you connect to IPVanish VPN. It doesn't matter if it was through a mobile device, desktop or any other. It is encrypted and nobody can inspect it, not even your ISP or the government. Some VPN companies also have "zero-log" policy, IPVanish included.

Zero-log policy means that IPVanish does not keep any record of your traffic, connection or data. Doing so would break their terms of service. Since the main goal is to protect your data and stay anonymous, we highly suggest getting a VPN.

IPVanish vs. Competition

IPVanish VPN is one of the best out there, although it is certainly not the only one. There are a lot of competitors and similar services. We'll compare IPVanish with two very known VPN's which are NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

NordVPN vs IPVanish

With NordVPN you can have 6 simultaneous connections while IPVanish gives you an unlimited number. You can use IPVanish on an unlimited number of devices which is awesome if you plan to share it with others. On the other hand, NordVPN has some cool extras such as Ad-blocking, malware protection, automatic wifi protection that will instantly initiate VPN connection when you connect to a wireless network. One more awesome feature that NordVPN has is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

IPVanish supports split tunnelling on Android, while NordVPN does not. NordVPN has the same devices supported as IPVanish with exception of Linux OS. If you use IPVanish, you will need to manually set up Linux, while NordVPN has a premade solution for it.

IPVanish vpn

One way NordVPN beats IPVanish significantly is the number of servers. NordVPN has 5,100 servers in 59 countries, while IPVanish has 1,300 in 60 countries. Also, you can pay for NordVPN with cryptocurrency to remain anonymous, while IPVanish still doesn't support any. That being said, IPVanish is still cheaper than NordVPN which costs $59.00/Year, so if you are looking for a VPN just to remain anonymous and protect your data, IPVanish is a great choice.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish

One of the key selling points for ExpressVPN is its speed. ExpressVPN has beaten not only IPVanish but other big VPN companies as well in terms of speed. Lightway protocol made this possible because it supports higher speeds than the competitors have. Lightway protocol provides an almost instant connection when you press the connect button.

IPVanish beats ExpressVPN in terms of simultaneous connections. While ExpressVPN supports only 5, IPVanish doesn't limit you at all. If you plan on sharing the VPN with your family or friends, IPVanish would be a better option.

Neither of these two had security issues in multiple tests performed. Both have in-built Kill Switch feature that shuts down the internet connection if your VPN disconnects by accident. This ensures you'll stay protected and no accident data-leakage will happen.

IPVanish or ExpressVPN

Similar to Nord, ExpressVPN also has browser plugins for Firefox, Chrome and even Safari. One more thing in which ExpressVPN beats IPVanish is accessing geo-restricted websites. Streaming services such as Netflix have blocked a lot of IPVanish servers which will prevent you from using this VPN on their website or application. If you are looking to get a VPN just for streaming, get ExpressVPN or some other instead.

Similar to Nord, ExpressVPN also accepts cryptocurrency as payment, Bitcoin to be precise. If you look at the pricing, IPVanish beats ExpressVPN.

There are 3 billing options that ExpressVPN has:

- Monthly renewal for $12.95

- Yearly renewal for $99.85

- Every 6 month for $59.95

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries which beats the number of 1300 servers that IPVanish provides. Companies have done speed test comparison and most ExpressVPN servers were faster than IPVanish.


Can I get IPVanish free account?

There is no "Free" plan right now, but you can get a full refund in the first 30 days of purchase.

How do I contact IPVanish support?

You can contact the support through the official IPVanish website.

Is there an IPVanish app?

Yes, you can download it on Android, iOS, Fire Stick (Gen 2 and upward).

How much does IPVanish cost?

IPVanish can be purchased solo or with the cloud storage, those are two combinations. Also, if you pay yearly compared to monthly, you get a discount and those are the other two combinations.
Yearly without storage - $39.99 for the first year, $79.99 afterwards.
Yearly with storage - $49.99 for the first year, $99.99 afterwards.
Monthly without storage - $4.99 for the first month, $9.99 afterwards.
Monthly with storage - $5.49 for the first month, $10.99 afterwards.
*You would save a lot of money if you choose the yearly payment instead of monthly.

How do I access my IPVanish account?

You can access your account through the "My Account" button on the official IPVanish website. On the other hand, if you have forgotten your IPVanish login, go to the same link, but choose "Forgot Password" under the Submit button.

What are the best IPVanish settings?

If you are looking for the fastest speed, select the "Best available" option for city, server and the country. VPN will then automatically connect to the best one available. If you are looking for a certain country, then you can manually change your location.


LearnDash: eLearning Software Review

LearnDash Overview

The main goal behind LearnDash is to let you transform your WordPress site into an online course platform and let you monetize it. The main advantage of this eLearning software is the ease of use, low price and integration with WordPress which allows you to fully customize it.

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is an online learning management system (LMS). It's integrated into WordPress as a plugin and those who are familiar with WordPress will be able to install it in just a few minutes. It was founded by Justin Ferriman in 2013 and it has been used by thousands of people ever since.

With plenty of LMS on the market, it's not easy to choose one, so we'll break it down for you. It's rated by many as one of the most affordable LMS with excellent support out there. People also seem to love how every update brings something new to the table.

LearnDash Key Features

Some of the key features include are Course Builder, LMS Blocks, Quiz Builder, Certificates & Badges, Learner Focus Mode, Learner Profiles and plenty more. Most of these features such as LMS Blocks will save you a lot of time since they have everything you need already integrated into the tool.

Shortcodes and Blocks

LearnDash shortcodes are an easy way to hide content depending on your user role. If you are signed in as a student, you'll see one thing and visitors will see another. Simply put the shortcode "student" and everything inside of it will be displayed only to those who are enrolled in your course.


[student] This is what students see [/student]

On the other hand, if you wish to display something to visitors, you would do it this way:

[visitor] This text is what visitors see [/visitor]

One of the most important shortcodes is the payment one. If you are selling a course through a payment processor such as PayPal, you can use shortcode to place the "PURCHASE NOW" button anywhere on your site. Simply put the course ID in the payment shortcode and it will appear on that specific position.


[learndash_payment_buttons course_id="12345"]

Shortcodes are usually written, while blocks include pre-made options that you choose from the list. In order to use LMS Blocks, you need to have WordPress 5.0 installed. You can also use shortcodes through blocks instead of writing them manually. Blocks also let you insert and customize content through a very simple interface as you may see below.

LearnDash review

If you are using the classic editor, you'll have to use shortcodes, but if you are on the newer editor (Gutenberg), welcome aboard. Right now you cannot use blocks in most page builders, but they'll surely make it possible in the future. To use blocks, simply press the "+" icon. Once you do that, you can either select the block from the list or search for it. Afterwards, you can change the options in the block options panel.

Course Builder

Probably the most loved feature of LearnDash is the Course Builder. It is used to create new lessons, sections, topics, quizzes and more. There are two ways you can use it, to update an existing course or to create a new one.

If you are making a new course, go to your LearnDash LMS and then open up "Courses". Once you are in there, select the "Add New" button at the top of the page. Press on the "Builder" tab on the top, and you are good to go. On the other hand, if you have already made a course and you want to edit it, do the following:

  1. Go into your Courses (LearnDash LMS and then Courses)
  2. Place your mouse cursor over the Course that you want to edit
  3. Select the “Builder” link as highlighted in the picture below
LearnDash service

List of things you can create with Course Builder

Section Headings - This feature is used to organise your lessons and it doesn't include any content. It's similar to a heading in a blog article. It is typically used in-between lessons for better visible separation. You can add, move and remove them very easily.

Lessons - This is your content and the most important part of your courses. You can add existing lessons, or use the course builder to create new ones. To find your existing lessons, go to the "Lessons" box in the sidebar. Here you can add items such as images, videos, PDF, text, etc.

Topics - They are a part of the lessons. You can add them only when you have at least one lesson created. You can add the same items as in Lessons (Images, Videos, PDF...). The difference between topics and lessons is that you can't schedule topics or provide sample content. Although, if you schedule a parent Lesson, Topic will also be available only on the scheduled date.

Quizzes - They can be added to both Lessons and Topics. You can also add them as a final quiz for the course. It's possible to create new ones through the Course Builder or to import already existing ones.

Everything that you create with Course Builder can be easily edited, re-arranged or deleted. You can both drag & drop with your mouse or use the arrows to change the order as displayed on the picture down below.

LearnDash features


They are one of the features that many other LMS lack, but LearnDash has successfully implemented. With LearnDash, you can tweak your online course functionality by using Add-Ons. You may find free and the premium Add-Ons on the official LearnDash marketplace. One good example that you may find useful is the LearnDash Course Review.

If you have ever enrolled in a course, then you know how important ratings are and this Add-On will enable it on your courses. You will gain more trust from your potential customers since they'll feel that someone has "tested the waters" for them. It's super simple to use Add-Ons on LearnDash, and that's a big plus for this LMS.

Pros And Cons


- Course Builder is very easy to use

- You can decide if you want to drip-feed course lessons.

- Fully customizable

- Content can be reused for any course

- Focus mode makes the courses look more professional

- Awesome quiz builder with plenty of options

- Low price compared to what you get out of it

- Compatible with over 99% WordPress themes


- If you are not familiar with WordPress, it might seem too complicated at first

- You might need an experienced developer to set everything up

- Too many options if you are trying to create a simple quiz

- You have to find a hosting

There are certainly more pros than cons, but most of the negative reviews came from customers who are not familiar with WordPress. You should take this into consideration if you plan on using LearnDash LMS since it requires some WordPress setup knowledge.

What about the competition?

So, how does LearnDash perform versus other similar LMS?

There are plenty of other similar learning management systems such as Absorb LMS, LearnUpon, 360Learning, SAP Litmos and Lessonly. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but the one that separates LearnDash from others in most cases is the pricing of it.

LearnDash vs. LearnUpon

You will pay a fraction of price for LearnDash compared to LearnUpon since the price of LearnUpon starts at 699$/MONTH compared to 159$/YEAR. If you do the math here, you would save more than 7000$ a year, but that's not all. The starting price for LearnUpon is just for their basic package which allows only up to 50 active users with a maximum of one website per license. On the other hand, LearnDash doesn't have a user limit and for 30 extra dollars, you can have up to 10 websites with the same license.

LearnUpon has a free trial, while LearnDash doesn't have one. However, with LearnDash you are under a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and you may cancel the service in that period.

LearnDash vs. Absorb LMS

Another popular LMS choice that people use on their website is Absorb LMS. Once again, the price difference is huge. Absorb LMS has a start price of 800$/MONTH which might be too much if you are just starting out. One thing that Absorb does better is live training component. You can schedule a live training session in person and via video conferencing. Zoom is successfully integrated into this LMS and it can be used to do live training with enrolled students.

Another key difference between these two is hosting. With LearnDash you have to decide where you'll host your website, while Absorb LMS has hosting already included in the price. If you are unsure which one to choose, LearnDash has an awesome article that recommends hosts. There are three categories they have included in the article: Budget-friendly, Mid-tier and Premium. Depending on your audience size, you can use it as a reference.

The conclusion is that each LMS has its advantages and disadvantages. You should make the decision based on several factors such as price, audience size, ease of use, support availability, platforms covered, etc. If you are on the budget-friendly side, LearnDash should definitely be in your top choices.

LearnDash Pricing

There are three packages to choose from:

  1. Pro
  2. Plus
  3. Basic

Most people select the basic package as it is the most affordable one. However, it doesn't have LearnDash Pro Panel and you only get one site license. It costs 159$/YEAR and contains almost every feature of the other two packages. This is ideal for someone who is just starting out and has a small audience across one website.

Plus package has the ProPanel feature and you can have it on up to 10 different websites. This package is ideal for people with several different websites that need the Pro Panel to monitor live activity on their courses.  The price is only a small difference from the basic package, 189$/YEAR.

Pro package is your best choice if you plan on running a lot of different websites. This package supports up to 25 different websites, it has the LearnDash ProPanel and every possible feature. It is made mostly for business organisations that handle a lot of different learning categories. With the price of 329$/YEAR, You'll get the best out of LearnDash.

Each package has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You can have an unlimited number of users on as many courses as you want. There is also 1-year support and updates included with each package. Deciding between these three packages comes down to how big your organisation is and how many websites do you plan to operate.

You don't have to worry about renewing the license, it will renew automatically after one calendar year. There are no hidden costs and you can cancel it at any time you want.


What LearnDash themes can I use?

LearnDash works with almost any WordPress theme that was coded by the standards.

How many courses can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of courses!

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

Yes! LearnDash provides a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that has you covered.

Can I provide certification with my courses?

Every package has a Certificates & Badges module that will make the enrolled users feel awesome when they complete it.

How do I access the LearnDash Pro Panel?

Once you install ProPanel plugin, you can access it through your admin panel and widgets. Only Admins and Group leaders can see it by default, you can change that in the settings.

Do I need programming skills to install LearnDash?

No, but having someone experienced with WordPress will help. Installation of LearnDash is very simple and fast, but WordPress has to be set up initially. Some web hostings have cPanel that includes automatic WordPress installation.